The Goldsmith Ltd. is proud to showcase a limited number of extremely talented artisans whose work can only be seen in a handful of shops around the world.
Sherry Bender has been associated with The Goldsmith Ltd. for over 30 years and is now at its helm, both as Head Designer and Chief Executive Officer. A DeBeers Diamonds International Awards Finalist and International Gold Award Winner, Sherry has designed pieces worn by celebrities, the First Lady, and your next door neighbor. Sherry prides herself in her ability to cater to all tastes, budgets and lifestyles.
Master goldsmith designer, Tom Dailing and his assistants have won many state and regional awards, and most recently major national design awards, including the 2008 Saul Bell Design Award Grand Prize. Tom also works closely with famous American gem cutter, Richard Homer, to help create new cutting designs which are then incorporated into his jewelry.
A high-style luxury brand in Brazil, his jewelry has won multiple awards for his kinetic designs. It is frequently without gemstones, emphasizing instead movement and form.
Alishan Halebian creates seemingly weightless pieces, capturing metal's beauty and bringing the philosophies of Eastern and Western cultures together in his jewelry.