The Goldsmith is as unique as the extraordinary pieces it creates

The Goldsmith has an astounding range of designs and styles, from diamond, pearl or ruby necklaces to pins to rival Madeleine Albright's collection, to the most diverse colored stone ring collection in Chicago. At the helm is award-winner Sherry Bender, who has been involved in the business for over 30 years, having succeeded the legendary and innovative Don Lawrence, the original owner. The Goldsmith is not just another retail jewelry store; it is a custom shop where designers and artisans create intricate pieces born of the imaginations of Bender and her clients. Ranging in style from traditional to modern, from simply elegant to wild, from whimsical to dramatic and all points in between, every piece is personal to the customer for whom it is made.

The key word is quality

The Goldsmith ensures it by being particularly selective in its choice of fine stones and precious metals. "I try to teach people to appreciate the range of colors and cuts, whether it be alexandrite, "neon" paraiba tourmaline, fine Burnese spinel, Mandarin garnet or dramatic black opal, the finer metals whether it's platinum, 18kt, 22kt yellow gold, or the recent revival of rose gold," says Bender. It is the emphasis on hand-crafting (a dying art in today's world of machine-processed retail jewelry) and customer service that makes The Goldsmith truly unique. With a patience born of years of experience, Bender and her staff will work with customers, using an elaborate process that includes viewing sketches and pictures, carving a wax of the piece and then casting, assembling, polishing and setting it to perfection. We always strive to exceed our customers' expectations.

So many interesting pieces have been created here

from those made for Hollywood and Nashville stars, First Lady Michelle Obama, the movie, Miracle on 34th Street, to pieces made for loyal clientele and their children and grandchildren. Several binders in the store showcase thousands of pieces, each with a story that Bender easily recalls. Belt buckles, letter openers, redesigned diamond heirlooms, Picasso-inspired cufflinks, and pieces worthy of royalty demonstrate that no project is too big or too small for us.

Whether you're a resident of Chicago or a visitor to The Windy City, it's worth your while to make The Goldsmith a destination. Customers around the world know that each piece of jewelry we design, craft or repair reflects our keen attention to detail. This has been our hallmark for over 50 years.

There's nothing like having a piece of jewelry made just for you.

We often start by showing you photographs, wax models and sketches to bring your vision to life. Along the way, we encourage you to come in and see your jewelry in progress, from wax mold to casting, setting and polishing. The Goldsmith takes your dream and makes it a reality.